Its Time to Let It Go...

Finally, I decided to change my purse into a new one after 3 years...

Be frankly, I feel unwillingness to change it because it has followed me so many years, so many days, so ,amy hours and so many minutes, to many places (including UK!) and accompanied me since 3 years ago...

And, the most important thing is this old purse is the exactly the same with Baobei Hui Ly because I bought together with her!

Guess which is mine?

But, now is really the time for me to let it go... Because it already "dilapidated", and according to my friend, using purse with "holes" will cause financial loses. This linked to I got no deals these two weeks (definitely an excuse), so I decided to let the old one go and welcome the new one! haha...

Dang.. Dang.. Dang.. Dang.. The New Purse!
Well, will start to develope relationship with the new one and say "Bye-Bye" to the old one... sobz..

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I'm Happie Today...

I know it been very late for bed now…

But, I still wanted to “record” my feelings and thought right now before it gone…


Because my best buddy (Jeff) and best sister (Sloane) are getting married tomorrow!
Time flies....!! 
I still can remember the scene when both of them first met. I can still remember that night at Hartini Mamak Stall in Wangsa Maju... hehe...

And now, Jeff going to marry Sloane & Sloane going to be Jeff’s wifey tomorrow!
I’m just coming back from their “Last Single Day” Farewell Party… Yes, “theirs’”!
I went to Jeff’s house at Puchong and rush to Sloane’s house at Damansara after that…
This must be credited to my Housemate: Christina for fetching me here and there…

Well, it is kinda a weird feeling for me that both of my best friends from two different gang getting hitch.
It is hard for me to describe this weird feeling.
Just felt touch as finally both of them decided to be husband-and-wife, and living their entire life hand-by-hand together!
Nevertheless, I am very happy for both of them who had deserved their own happiness…

Well, it’s time to bed before I become a super big panda tomorrow in their morning wedding session =)

Last but not least, may both of my beloved darling stay happiness ‘long long live live’!

Look forward to their big day tomorrow!

Say SAYONARA to Jeff & Sloane’s single life!

Lots and lots of love and wishes, xoxo…

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My 1st Ever Credit Card

I received the first credit card in my life! It is a HSBC VISA CARD!

Why it’s VISA?

Ah ha…! Because VISA has more benefits in other countries compare with MasterCard and I know I will be travelling out of this country very often in the future time! (Evil Grinning…!)
Yeah! That's My Card!

Well, this is my 1st attempt to apply for a credit card as I have been working hard in my first “official” job about 1 year and just wanted to prove that I’m now a typical OL with financial independent. (Status different now…hahaha)

The first thing I bought by swiping my card is a gift from Hallmark for Chen Heng’s new born baby girl. I think that’s a sweet reason for me to swipe my 1st ever credit card for a new life!

I’m EXCITED (1st time I swipe a credit card!) and a bit WORRIED (what if the card cannot go thru? So embarrassing…) while I pass my card to the cashier. Luckily, the process is just smoothly and perfect!

Basically, the credit card is my backup card. Just in case if I got enough notes to make payment, and it’s time for credit card to function for the emergency. Or, I do not need to bring stacks of notes along when I travelling, no matter in Malaysia or out of the country. It is more convenient and safe.

However, credit card (for me) is convenience yet dangerous! With a credit card, it is easier to spend more money especially girl like me who likes e-shopping! (Oh Ow…!) I have to strictly control myself and use it smart and carefully!

My HSBC Visa Card, you will NEVER and will not have the chance to control me and letting me end up with a bankruptcy!

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Choy Yin's Birthday 21.08.09

I seem to have been rather slow at the blogging thing recently…
The reason why I am acting like a tortoise in updating my blog is not because of my life is boring, whereas my life is quite happening but just simply because I’m LAZY! LOL…

Well, talk about Choy Yin’s Birthday Celebration this year…
I admit that was a FAILED plan for her and even a disaster birthday plan for her… (Feels like knocking my head on the wall… Feel very setback as a Degree Graduated PR…)

One and a half month before her birthday, lots of plans already twirling in my head…

My 1st plan                    : Have a 3 days 2 nights trip to Awana Kijal (Since I have discount voucher 
                                       from my friend)
Reason of Cancellation   : People who confirm going have no car and people who are not going, they 
{This kind of setback, you know… Its like aarrrggghhh….Ggggrrrr!! Well, fine, just change plan…}

My 2nd Plan                    : Spent a whole day in Sunway Lagoon (As the leading role wish to have a 
                                       trip to Sunway Lagoon)
Reason of Cancellation   : Some of the girls are PMS-ing and some of them not feel like playing water!
{Nothing you can do as girls are inconvenience and some others are not corporate enough…}

Ultimately, we turn out to have a simple celebration with her as usual, celebration by having dinner with limited sweets best friends. This time, we decided to have dinner at the Marmalade Café @ Bangsar Village.

The environment over there is not as good as what they have shown in their website. The food were not as tasty as what we imagine meanwhile not much choices too. Quite disappointed us though....

The environment over there is not as good as what they have shown in their website. The food were not as tasty as what we imagine meanwhile not much choices. Quite disappointed us though....

However, although we are not so satisfied with the food, but we are more deserved for the interactions between all of us – nonstop chit-chatting and joking around… I think our voice can cover the noisiness over the restaurant... LOL... (Little Interlude: There is a table of aunties [aunties = women around the age 50] beside us. They talk and laugh like so effusive as common saying: three women equally to one "pasar" ...And we wondered are we going to become like that when we getting older? OH NO!)

After the dinner, and here comes the candles-blowing-session. As our Leading Role of the day doesn't like cakes and sweet stuff, hence, intimate like me (haha...) prepared cup cakes for her as her birthday cake!

Cute little cupcakes! Credit to: Delectable by Su and the Special Writting credit to the Chef!

Who knows! Everyone are very unwilling to eat the cake because they are too cute and too cruel to be eaten! And everyone of us take turns to take photos with these 6 cute little cup cakes!

This Herbs Biscuits from the intimate me to the Birthday Girl!Credit to: Delectable by Su


...and... Of cause, a candle-bitting session couldn't run away!

The one and a half "pasar"...haha...

...Group photo...

Eat and drink until we all filled, we headed to Telawi Street Bistro as our next programme! Lots and lots of photos were taken... Those songs that the DJ played that night + the environment makes me feels like I am back to Liverpool!

We enjoyed the night so much!

The next day, as my plan (One Day Trip to Sunway Lagoon) has been canceled, hence, we turned up to have a movie (Alien in the Attic) in One Utama. And here, we end our celebration....
Disaster celebration for the girl right? But the kind hearted girl said it was just nice as it was simple and happy birthday celebration for her...
Well, I'm not satisfied! Let's have a well planned trip soon, my Honey!
Happy Birthday Honey! May you find a Prince who loves you and you love him much too...muackss

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Lots of Pending Thingies to be Done!

Do not trying to suspect what I’m going to say! It’s really a lot of pending things or dates out there for me to get it done! Grrrrr… 9 to 6 working life really make my life havoc!

Would like to apologies to friends who dated me out and got pending! Sorry for mess up your plan / schedules… I got no choice as you know I am a (considered) lazy girl who sometimes feels like not going to have her social life after work and wanted to be at her bed as soon as she could! Or, sometimes she will be not so PR and will anti-social a bit… wakaka…

But, no worries, I have noted down all the appointments with you guys and I will proper plan a day to hang out with you guys soon in the coming future =p!

Argh! Really damn lot things to be done:
ü  Mah bank thingy to be settles… (and so sad as this only can be done as I have one day leave!)
ü  Pending blog posts to be update
ü  Cleaning up my messy little room (well, it’s not as dirty / messy as you think. Just two weeks never vacuum my room. Otherwise, all my things still on their own places.)
ü  Pending photos to be upload
ü  Shop for Wei Yen & Jeff’s wedding dresses (Really hard to get a pretty and nice white dress you know…. Mr. & Mrs. Lim)
ü  Shop for brother’s birthday present
ü  Have to pack my things for Raya Port Dickson Trip
ü  Plan for Singapore cum gathering trip with 34F housemates
ü  Search for info about things-must-do and food-must-eat in Bali
ü  Shop for BIKINI for our Bali Trip… hahaha…
ü  Year end 12 days holidays plan
ü  Register myself to the Make Over course
ü  Register myself to the New Jazz Dancing course
ü  Meet up with friends as promised
ü  …and… I can’t think over it…

I am getting crazy and crazier! It’s like ARGH~~~ I got not enough time yet not enough MONEY too~ sobz

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Peggy那天说她会来KL面试,所以call 姐妹淘到Mid Valley聚会。


所以,我们就选了龙的传人。因为跟Kim Gary比起来,龙的传人比较安静。
不过,过候被远在槟城的静温说我们upgrade成有钱人了,舍Kim Gary,吃龙的传人了~

还是老样子的一群声音大过人的PR小女生,真担心又一家餐厅把我们Black Listed

为什么说是大型姐妹聚会?因为那天是Dear Yen 宝贝Jeff 终生大日”!

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Love and appreciate all the women in your life.

Quote for the day:
'Whatever you give a woman, she's going to multiply.
If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby.
If you give her a house, she'll give you a home.

If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal.
If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart.

She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.'

So - if you give her crap, you will receive a bucket full of shit.

Love and appreciate all the women in your life.

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该死的你! 你可不可以听一听别人的意见啊?你不见得每一次都是对的!你以为大男人主义就可以当饭吃啊?!该死的大沙猪!


该死的你!你可不可以不要再别人意见还没表达完的时候就一直说:You listen to me first!啊?那听你的就好啦!我们什么话都不用讲,跟着你的话做就好啊!电话你接啊!Email你回啦!








该死的你!口口声声说要双赢谈判,结果整通电话下来,根本只有你在讲嘛!你现在根本是在实行 One Way Communication 嘛!那你觉得你的理由很对的话,干嘛打电话来跟我讨论,要我给你一个双赢的方案啊?你根本就想单赢嘛!



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Tag Tag 乐 ~ ♥

有玩 Facebook 的朋友们应该对这些玩意儿不陌生吧!我觉得很有趣的是从这些图片,你能够知道在朋友的心中,你扮演着什么样的角色


交际花 (视情况而定吧?如果对方是大帅哥,我肯定变成花蝴蝶哈哈


每天喊热的人 (公司的冷气不算强啊,还有,有谁在马来西亚会喊冷的?)

工作狂 (绝对不是!只是实践 工作的时候认真工作,玩乐的时候尽情玩乐 的宗旨而已)

   艺术家 (我不觉得我有艺术细胞的说~)

那,我在你心中又是什么角色 或者 有着什么样貌呢?

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宝贝家族 @ Puchong

再一次抱怨 我很讨厌工作后的生活~

要不是纯纯要回麻坡工作了,我想我们的Gathering应该会落在 Raya 或者圣诞节?

因为 Jefful 搬新家了,所以我们之前就已经plan好要到他的新家过夜,然后喝酒、聊天、打麻将~ 不过在25.07.09那天我和Jeff都有做工,然后玲玲和纯纯又跑去看什么Astro新秀大赛(听说第一名是麻坡人呢~),所以我们到晚上十点才聚头。

Puchong IOI Mall 开了一间新的 Red Box,而刚好 Jefful 30% Discount Voucher,我们就去唱K啦~好久没有唱K了,有一段时间还真的不知道该唱什么歌呐~ 当然,那个晚上,《一个像夏天,一个像秋天》那首歌我们是不会错过啦~
那么多年过去了,他还是一样很多Patern 哈哈

之前有请 RedBox waiter帮我们拍全体照,不过他一直手震~ 我们说没关系了,他还一直试、一直试,但还是帮我们照了blur blur的照片。最后,我们还是自己 DIY 啦~

唱完歌后就回到 Jeff Dear 的新家~ 然后我们就聊天聊到凌晨四、五点才甘愿去睡觉~


JeffDear闺房 听说他们的床单睡上去会飞天噢~ 因为它值MYR1000

第二天,大家梳洗完毕,我们就到 Bumbubali 吃午餐~

四年前,我们宝贝家族也曾经到 Bumbubali 庆祝玲玲的生日。四年后,虽然少了留在英国深造的俐俐和Jackie,不过多了Dear成为我们的另外一个member

Gathering 后的感想就是:好久好久没有过这样的生活了~ 唱歌唱到凌晨,然后聊天聊到早上,睡几个小时后又出发去吃好料~ 这种生活只有以前读书的时候才会过的在上班族的生活里,偶尔过一下以前学生的生活,感觉还蛮怀念的~


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薇子✿公主 2009 生日趴




谢谢我亲亲Ney Ney 为我plan 了一个温馨快乐的生日

生日的前一晚,我、基基(haha…) Ney Ney The Ship 吃晚餐后就去Pavillion GSC看《Night at the Museum 2》。还记得我们三个人笑得超大声的为自己丢脸的行为搪塞的理由是 我们太Stress了,需要release一下。

看完电影后,我们就依照惯例找地方喝茶。最后我们到Wangsa Maju Cola Café 落脚



第二天,因为生日不想做工,所以就请了一天假。然后就被骗到 Seremban 去了

我生日当天的晚餐 醉虾米粉 很好吃呐~

当然还有蛋糕啦~ 谢谢小丸子帮我买了 Pandan 口味的蛋糕

结果就变成 大花脸 啦~

在生日当天我学会玩 大话骰~
不过还是一直被骗啦 哈哈~

 生日过后的那个星期六,我们到 波德申 玩~

真心希望往后的日子可以像这个 彩色纸鸢 一样很 colourful

波德申 的小杂货店找到童年爱吃的 BIN BIN 玉蜀黍饼哦~



特别感谢 Ney Ney,基基,小丸子,KenWeng 还有 杰仔~

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